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Mozambique: RENAMO Rejection of Momade Grows

Internal opposition to Ossufo Momade´s (OM) leadership is mobilizing and has been organizing rallies and meetings with the population, especially in the provinces of Tete and Sofala. Although avoiding association with the RENAMO Military Junta (JMR), which has been conducting several armed attacks in the central region, the political message of this group coincides with that of Mariano Nhongo´s movement.

The main argument used are the concessions of OM to the Government and FRELIMO, in the peace negotiations, in ways considered humiliating and without future guarantees for RENAMO, given the constant electoral fraud.

On 21.OCT, several local RENAMO leaders in Tete, among them HERNAN DA SILVA and DAVID CHAPEZIPEZI, members of the city's Municipal Assembly, sent a letter to OM where they describe the difficult situation of the party in the province.

Internal opposition to OM has been exploited by FILIPE NYUSI and FRELIMO through initiatives that indirectly accentuate divisions within the party. On 24.OCT, the PR announced the suspension of the military activities of the FADM against the JMR starting on 25.OCT and until the end of the month, to give rise to a “dialogue” with the JMR. READ MORE