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Cabinda: Political Profile Compromises Governor

The current governor of Cabinda, MARCOS NHUNGA (MN), is said to be on his way out, in spite of enjoying among the population an acceptance considered “much superior” to that of all his last predecessors. The distinction is especially due to the management of the position that systematically privileges the resolution of problems that affect the lives of the populations - supply of energy and water, sanitation, among others.
MN is generally recognized as a technocrat - a spirit revealed in the past, including his previous role, as Minister of Agriculture. The political “relaxation” that is pointed out to him is also seen as a reflection of alleged intentions of avoiding a field that has divided local society.
The provincial governors in Angola are simultaneously local leaders (first secretaries) of the provincial MPLA committees. This function obliges them to take part in political party action that clearly connotes them with the MPLA. The benefits that the joining of functions brought to the governors in the period of the single party, have become in the current environment of multiparty system a disadvantages that some avoid.
A military and militarized staff of c 8,000 men is permanently stationed in the territory, almost entirely made up of people from other parts of the country (the Ovimbundo in particular).
The police and security apparatus is also considered vast, applied in actions to control and monitor the population, especially individuals and groups considered politically suspect (AM 1253). READ MORE