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Mozambique: Matsangaíssa, Nyusi´s New "Channel"

ANDRÉ MATSANGAÍSSA JÚNIOR (AMJ), former right-hand man of MARIANO NHONGO (MN), leader of the splinter group Junta Militar (JM) that opposes RENAMO´s leadership, has been assuming himself as an intermediary in the contacts between JM and the Government, after formally adhering to the Demilitarization, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR) process.
Serving the purpose of demonstrating that JM retains the capacity to carry out operations on the ground, the attack on the Sena line also represents its ability to target economic and strategically relevant infrastructure, evading greater vigilance in the National Roads in the C of the country, which over the past 2 years have been its main targets. Given the centralization of the armed movement around MN, its annulment implies the surrender or elimination of the leader.
In the most recent DDR session, in MAR. in Manica, some of the demobilized men were linked with JM. Despite this, the possibility of returning to the bush and armed resistance upon receiving wages has precedents, remaining as a possible scenario for many of the demobilized, especially in the face of difficulties in social reintegration. READ MORE