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Angola: Government Member Partners in Security Company

It is often the case that members of the Government maintain parallel business activities in the areas under their tutelage. The most frequent methods to conceal holdings in companies are to transfer them to family members or dependents - something that JOÃO LOURENÇO himself did when he became PR (AM 1249) - or the use of bearer shares.
In the case of SR at G-Force, the inconsistencies in the process of incorporation and registration of the company result, in practice, from an effacing of records of its participation in the company.
A succession of episodes in which the security company´s agents violate the law with impunity - the most recent of which involved the mill disputed by HA, in which they overpowered Police agents - have given G-Force an intimidating reputation for security forces when dealing with facilities guarded by the company, and the widespread notion that it acts with superior protection - now being clarified that this is located at the level of the Government. READ MORE