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EU-Africa: Tourism, Digital Economy and Energy Among Key Sectors of Post-Cotonou Agreement

The negotiations on the European Union-ACP agreement, post-Cotonou, are concluded and the signing of the agreement is expected for the second half of 2021. The drag on of the negotiations, related to the pandemic, but also to difficulties of agreement on points such as immigration, forced the extension of the Cotonou Agreement to 30.SEP. Diplomatic sources in Brussels now admit that the EU-Africa summit, which was previously scheduled for 28-29.OCT in Brussels, will take place at the end of SEP. or OCT. (AM 1295), already after the Portuguese presidency of the EU Council.
Although the agreement alone has a limited direct impact on the ground, it does define the political framework for political cooperation between the EU and the countries of the African Caribbean Pacific group, setting future priorities for the relationship. READ MORE