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Angola: Regime Displeased With Diplomatic Openness to Opposition

The intention deduced by the diplomats is, in addition to informing themselves about the opposition's positions regarding the current political moment, to carry out a gesture of “understanding” regarding the pressure with which the regime denotes to be applied in weakening UNITA and, additionally, the opposition. It was the initiative of the ambassador of Belgium to publicize a meeting with ACJ, illustrated with a photo.

There are elements considered consistent that the embarrassment of the regime in the face of the "dialogue" with the opposition by Western embassies is a harbinger that the external image of the regime, including that of JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) may be affected due to his conduct in relation to the opposition – mainly UNITA, ACJ in particular. Among the reasons for the downgrading of JL's reputation in the US (AM 1320), the so-called “democratic setback” of his regime is pointed out. READ MORE