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More Than 30 years of History of African Politics and Business

More Than 30 years of History of African Politics and Business

10,000 pages of reference publications on Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Sao Tome and Principe are now digitized and in the Africa Monitor Intelligence to its files. The archives of Africa Jornal, Africa Confidencial and other publications, starting in 1985, are now in a format that allows for quick search.

The archives of Africa Confidencial, InformAfrica, Africa Focus and Africa Monitor Intelligence comprize information with strategic value, duly verified ("Intelligence"). Focusing on politics, security and economics, they cover sensitive periods ranging from post-independence to civil wars in Angola and Mozambique, their peace processes, and recent information.

Africa Monitor Intelligence, "heir" of previously published newsletters, recently celebrated its 12th year of activity, and, of all publications, is the one that achieved greatest longevity. 

The digitalization, whose costs were fully supported by the parent company of Africa Monitor Intelligence, was made in an OCR format. It allows for quick search of terms inside the texts - for instance about subjects, individuals or companies.

The work also included the development of an advanced "search" tool for information within documents.

For more information on accessing the Africa Monitor files, please contact [email protected]