Africa Monitor

AM Services

Tailor-Made Intelligence

We produce tailor made intelligence for our partners and customers according to their respective priorities and needs.

- We assess specific risks and opportunities in new markets;

- We support planning and implementation;

- Provide insights into market dynamics and competitive positioning;

- We monitor and report on ongoing processes;

- We characterize profiles and reputation of stakeholders.

- We identify government and private sector decision makers, their motivations and priorities

- We deliver market and government perspectives on customer initiatives

Africa Monitor agrees with clients deadlines for delivering the final product of intelligence reports that can be preceded by an intermediate report.

Research requests and intelligence topics are treated with total confidentiality through a corporate culture of discretion and rigor.

We are independent of public powers.

We work according to the policies, values ​​and corporate principles of our clients.

We require contractual relationships with our associates that include acceptance of a code of good conduct.

 The Africa Monitor Strategic Council has the mission of certifying and ensuring compliance with the aforementioned principles, collaborating in the definition of the AM guidelines, including the respective editorial policy, and contributing to the AM development plan, internally and externally.

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