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Africa Report Mozambique: Cabo Delgado, 2017-2020

Africa Report Mozambique: Cabo Delgado, 2017-2020

Mozambique-Cabo Delgado 2017-2020, the 5th Africa Monitor Intelligence AFRICA REPORT - after previous issues focusing on Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola - is now available in english.

Entrepreneurs, consultants, analysts or academics with a presence or interest in the security crisis in northern Mozambique, which AM Intelligence has been following since its emergence with regular information for its subscribers, have through this report access to information and analysis of strategic relevance on:

1. The Radicalization (Population, Profile of the Armed Militia, the Role of Corruption. Political Context, Impact); 

2. Military Response (FADM Weaknesses, the Role of the Private Security Companies, regional Involvement)

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