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Angola: Risk of Political Upheaval Minimized

Angola: Risk of Political Upheaval Minimized

The risk of upheaval influenced/ provoked by the climate of growing popular discontent, evident in the protests against PR JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) and his regime, is considered “reduced”. The likelihood that the current social and political situation may give rise to a disruption has been suggested in qualified analyzes.

The Police, with a staff of 130,000, is the main body of the internal security structure, closely followed by the Intelligence and Internal Security Service (SINSE), whose action continues to comprise political repression, although practiced more discreetly. The budget of the Police and SINSE, together, is higher than that of the Armed Forces.

For their missions to prevent or disperse social and/ or political protests considered “inconvenient”, the Police have special intervention units, including the PIR, recently equipped with armored personnel carriers. Israel is the main external partner of the Police in the fields of personnel training and counseling. READ MORE