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Angola: SINSE Mobilized Against Protests

Direct actions by SINSE were identified in Luanda intelligence circles, in the days prior to the 24.OCT protests, aimed at demobilizing participation, through an extensive disinformation campaign.

In addition to the demobilization of the protest, the aforementioned actions aimed to foster divisions in the organization, especially in UNITA - identified as the greatest threat due to its ability to mobilize around Luanda and in the provinces of Benguela and Huambo.

The tendency to reinforce UNITA as an opposition force confirms forecasts that means and figures of the regime associated with the election of its current leader, in NOV.2019 (AM 1243), due to the political preparation and combative spirit of ADALBERTO da COSTA JR (ACJ), seen as capable of affirming UNITA as a “real alternative” of power (AM 1255). The discomfort generated in the regime by the scenario of a victory for ACJ then gave rise to hidden actions of intrusion and/ or influence of the campaign for the election of the new UNITA leadership, in order to prevent its victory or diminish it. READ MORE