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Mozambique: Samuel Paúnde Extends Business Influence

FANUEL SAMUEL PAÚNDE (FSP), a lawyer graduated from the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) in 2006, has been strengthening his influence in Maputo's business circles.

A native of Maputo, FSP is known mainly for his role as a businessman and facilitator, and is a member of the Maputo Chamber of Dispatchers, a position he reportedly used to help RENATO MATUSSE (RM), one of the defendants in the prosecution (2019) the “hidden debts” case. In order to launder capital received from the commissions of the deals in question, RM resorted to FSP to justify the amounts with the cover of automobile trading. Despite this collaboration with one of the defendants, FSP managed not to be charged himself.

Like members of other families in the regime, FSP has been positioning himself in the mining sector, having created a company called J & C Mining, Limitada, headquartered in Maputo, for the marketing of minerals, brand representation, agency, import and export. FSP holds a part of the company with two partners, one of whom is JOSÉ DOS SANTOS COIMBRA, former deputy minister of the interior, exonerated by PR FILIPE NYUSI in 2017, after 1 year in office. READ MORE