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Guinea-Bissau: Simões Pereira Resists PAIGC "Impeachment"; Government Coalition Unstable

DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA (DSP) shows determination to face the internal movement in the PAIGC (AM 1261) that seeks his ousting from the party leadership. In response, he has launched a "task force" in order to prepare for his re-election (for which he even asked the MPLA for support on a recent trip to Luanda).
The internal movement for the ousting of DSP has acquired in the last few days greater visibility/ protagonism with the launch of an open process of collecting signatures with a view to convening an extraordinary meeting of the main governing bodies of the party, Central Committee (CC) and Political Bureau (BP). The effectiveness of a request for the calling of CC and BP meetings requires its subscription by 1/3 of its members.
Among the reasons invoked by DSP opponents to claim their "impechment", as the process is named, are the following, among others, he has been absent from the country for 10 months (in Portugal) the party is paralyzed.
The idea that in the current political setting DSP has become an embarrassment to the PAIGC is also referred to as a factor in the internal dispute that it is subject to. The conflicts he opened and maintained with the new authorities made him a "persona non grata". The current PR, UMARU SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE), has expressed his intention of extending the current government coalition to PAIGC.
Supporting an increase of his representation in the Government, USE negotiated with PM NUNO NABIAN (NN) the appointment of SOARES SAMBU (SS), who acted as State advisor, for the position of deputy PM responsible for the Coordination of the Economic Area. SS is identified in circles close to the Government coalition as one of USE's most trusted individuals. READ MORE