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Mozambique: Military Junta Resumes Attacks and Extends Perimeter

The RENAMO Military Junta (JM), chaired by Gen. MARIANO NHONGO Chissinga (MN), resumed attacks on military and civilian vehicles, and instructed guerrillas to mobilize in order to widen the scope of action, covering other provinces in addition to Tete and Sofala, where attacks have so far been concentrated. As determined, the province of Maputo is one of the new intended targets.

JM had reduced armed activity following the unilateral ceasefire declared by PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN) on 24.OCT., To create conditions for negotiations. The UN SG Special Envoy, MIRKO MANZONI (MM), former Swiss ambassador to Maputo, has been proposing negotiations with MN under the Disarmament, Demilitarization and Reintegration (DDR) process, without success so far.

Among the leadership of the JM there is a predominance of mistrust in relation to the government and MM. The role of MM´s mediation in the DDR process has been challenged by JM and independent observers for being too close to the Government.

Sources close to the JM state that MN also demands equal treatment of RENAMO demobilized soldiers to former FRELIMO fighters. The Association of Former National Liberation Struggle Combatants (ACLIN), which brings together veterans of the “liberation war” and which has been in existence for 32 years, is one of the most powerful organized interest groups in the country, consulted in the main governmental decisions. Directed by FERNANDO FAUSTINO, reelected in 2017, ACLIN spoke out a few months ago against JM's positions, demanding that its members join the ongoing DDR process and has consistently been FRELIMO's hard line in public positions regarding RENAMO. READ MORE