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Mozambique: SADC Decides on Regional Force in Cabo Delgado

Under consideration is the creation of an Intervention Brigade (BI) with troops assigned by member countries, to deploy in Cabo Delgado. The troika summit will be preceded by the meeting of SADC Defense Ministers. The possibility of SADC's involvement in Cabo Delgado with a military contingent has been open since APR.2020, having been discussed between Zimbabwe PR EMMERSON MNANGAGWA and Mozambican counterpart FILIPE NYUSI (FN), in an urgent meeting that took place in Chimoio on 30.APR.

There are doubts about who will lead the brigade. South Africa's intention to lead the joint force faces resistance from Mozambique. Despite the forcing of the South African Chief of Staff, Gen. SOLLY SHOKE, the background of South African troops in the DRC is disreputable, including theft of precious stones and human rights violations.

Tanzania is also criticized by several factions in Mozambique. Recently the target of several attacks along the border (south) with Mozambique, Tanzanian forces reacted with bombings from its territory the positions of insurgents in Mozambican territory (AM Flash 89). In OCT. a new agreement was signed that allows for joint police operations between the two countries. READ MORE