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USA / Africa: Biden looks at Africa

The strengthening of relations with Africa, advocated by the new administration, aims to create interests and influences that allow the USA to compete directly with China in its efforts to establish itself on the continent. China is considered to have been “too comfortable” in Africa - which affects US interests, but above all on the continent itself. The corruption that the lack of rigorous Chinese financial aid has given rise to has aggravated phenomena such as poor governance and poverty.

With DONALD J. TRUMP in the White House, African political affairs lost relevance compared to previous administrations (AM 1158), but aggressive measures were launched to curb loss of stature on the continent vis-à-vis China and Russia, namely in Mozambique.

The decision of the US Export-Import Bank (EXIM US) to extend the financing of the operation of the Mozambique LNG/ Area 1 consortium in Cabo Delgado, ahead of China and Russia (AM Flash 80), gave the project a central status in DT administration's effort to reverse the growing trend of US loss of influence in Africa in the face of Chinese and Russian “predatory” intentions on the continent - as described in 2018 by former national security adviser JOHN BOLTON. Secretary of State MIKE POMPEO (MP) has frequently criticized China for fomenting the indebtedness of African countries.

In the case of Angola, multiple efforts by the Presidency proved unsuccessful (AM 1214) to ensure a visit by PR JOÃO LOURENÇO to the White House, and even to a meeting with DT at the UN (AM 1214). To increase its access to US government and business resources, JL´s Presidency turned to lobbying companies (AM 1198), including Squire, Patton Boggs (AM 1205). READ MORE