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Cabo Verde: Access to INTERPOL Information Moving Ahead

Cabo Verde's access to the West African Police Information System (SIPAO), an INTERPOL platform for the exchange of information related to serious and organized crime in the region, is currently evaluated as very advanced and should be concluded in coming months. Through the SIPAO Program, whose National Commission will be chaired by Minister of Justice JANINE LÉLIS (JL), Cabo Verdean police authorities will have access to INTERPOL's worldwide secure police communication system.
JL will be responsible for deciding the location of the Data Collection and Registration Center (DACORE), the composition of the team working on the DACORE system and goals. She will also have to ensure effective communication, cooperation and coordination between the different law enforcement agencies and participants in SIPAO. INTERPOL will now provide the Government with the specifications describing the appropriate facilities for DACORE.
The inclination that international drug trafficking denotes for the use of Cabo Verde as a platform for the transit and storage of drugs has been increasing in recent years. International organizations dedicated to the investigation and fight against drug trafficking, as well as national institutions of a similar nature (police or intelligence services), each and others especially attentive to the situation in the NW of Africa, have been paying increasing attention to Cabo Verde (AM 1236). READ MORE