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Mozambique: Gas pipeline favored for internal market and LNG exports

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy (MIREME), headed by MAX TONELA, already has an economic, financial, social and environmental pre-feasibility study on the transport options for the natural gas from Palma, Cabo Delgado, to feed the domestic market and regional exports.
Preparatory studies for the construction of a north-south and east-west gas pipeline, according to industry sources, could progress within 4 years, only after the first revenues from Area 1 of the Rovuma basin production. The Government's plan is based on the calendars, still valid, of the consortia of Areas 1 and 4.
Government estimates point to the start of production of the first 2 liquefaction units in Area 1, through the floating platform (FLNG) in the Golfinho-Atum block, which will result in availability of 100 million cubic meters/ day (MMSCFD), until 300 MMSCFD, starting in 2024.
The Government intends to advance the phased development of natural gas transport infrastructures, mitigating the investment risk and saving time until the high demand phase planned for 2035 is reached. READ MORE