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Angola: Choice of Vice-PR Candidate in 2022 Shakes MPLA

JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) is committed to reinforcing his power and influences in the MPLA bodies, convinced that the support and/ or loyalty of the party leadership to him is diminished, as leader of the party, a scenario that is likely to compromise his political future, taking into account the determinant role of the party as a center of political power.

The loss of popularity of JL (AM 1266) is commonly considered a reflection of the negative social effects of the economic and financial crisis in which Angola finds itself, with the growth of unemployment and the constant increase in the cost of living, but also of the generalized idea that his promised fight against corruption has failed.

It is the replacement of LUÍSA DAMIÃO as vice president of the MPLA that currently concentrates JL's main attentions in his efforts to strengthen his control of the party. It is internally considered that JL has been "putting aside" the still vice-president (chosen by himself and until recently appointed as his supporter).

The figure that in the same circles is pointed out as enjoying the favoritism of JL to replace LD in the vice-presidency of the party is VIRGÍLIO FONTES PEREIRA (VFP) a cadre of recognized political and government experience, accumulated in the JES period, which has been gaining importance in the MPLA parliamentary bench, having the state reform project in charge (AM 1267).

JL has shown appreciation for the work of ADÃO de ALMEIDA (AA), which he promoted in APR. from Minister of Internal Administration (MAT) to the current position, in which he has represented the PR, a sign of the personal trust deposited by JL. Despite his youth, AA has had long experience in government functions, since the time of JES, but the possibility of overcoming other figures of greater political weight - and the ability to face their possible hostility - is considered a factor contrary to his choice.

Another alternative to VFP is CAROLINA CERQUEIRA, Minister of State for the Social Area, with greater experience, whose powers have also been reinforced by JL. READ MORE