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Cape Verde: Attack on the State Computer Network Exposes Weaknesses

The forecast of the Operational Nucleus of the Information Society (NOSi) to fully repair the State Private Technological Network (RTPE) until 11.DEC, following the computer attack that paralyzed it on 25.NOV, is considered too optimistic by consulted sources. They estimate RTPE to be fully operational only in 4 months.

RTPE is made up of 12,000 terminals spread across the islands and 22 counties, and the replacement of services will require individual intervention. NOSi has a reduced profile and has suffered from internal conflict. In the last years, he lost some of its main staff, in conflict with the former CEO ANTÓNIO FERNANDES (AF), and later removed and/ or hired by private companies and banks. One of the most notable cases is that of HÉLIO VARELA, who was at the genesis of NOSi, and in the meantime was hired by the operator Unitel T +.

In response, a crisis team was created by the Government, consisting of NOSI, 2 international entities and the Attorney General's Office, which called on Interpol for assistance to a forensic investigation. According to a government source, the perpetrators of the attack, belonging to an international network dedicated to extorting victims, especially companies and public sector entities, are already identified. READ MORE