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Gulf of Guinea: France Strengthens Presence in Maritime Security

France will participate in the inspection of the territorial waters of Equatorial Guinea, in view of the increase in piracy actions, as agreed at a meeting of Vice-PR TEODORO NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE ("TEODORIN") with French Navy officers in Malabo.

France does not yet have a Defense attaché residing in Malabo, the post being exercised from Cameroon, but one is expected to be appointed by 2021. The French Navy ships that oversee the Gulf of Guinea as part of the maritime security operation "Corymbe" ports often dock in Equatorial Guinea ports, especially Bata and Malabo.

Pitfall attacks in the Gulf of Guinea region increased c. 40% in 2020 and have multiplied in the waters under Equatorial Guinea and against ships, including oil, serving the country. READ MORE