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Angola: UNITA Assesses Anti-Fraud Tech Solutions

UNITA, now headed by ADALBERTO COSTA JUNIOR (ACJ), is preparing an action plan to create technical and political obstacles to electoral fraud that, in its assessment, the MPLA is preparing, as the sole way to win the upcoming electoral acts - municipal elections, still unscheduled; general elections scheduled for 2022.
From the perspective of UNITA, the economic and political devaluation that Angola has been experiencing as a result of the crisis in the fall of oil prices, has led to a substantial reduction in the pressure and influence capacity that the MPLA enjoyed as an element that allowed it to count on regional and international political complacency.
In recent months, political decisions and Security covert actions have been signaled (AM 1277) generally interpreted as intended to overshadow the idea that UNITA, through the popularity of its current leader, is agglutinating discontent and fatigue in relation to the regime, present in different sectors of society.
To this end, "active measures" are associated with the appearance of two new parties, the Humanist Party of Angola and Njango, led respectively by DINHO CHINGUNJI and BELA MALAQUIAS, both dissidents of UNITA. The purpose deduced from the initiative, which is to present the UNITA field as divided, is considered to be articulated with ongoing efforts to demean ACJ's reputation.
According to verified information, the dissemination of false information about an alleged trip to Guinea-Bissau by UNITA´s leader, published on social media by a former journalist and SINSE agent, CARLOS ALBERTO, also originated in interception of telephone communications used by ACJ. He is the author of a public "smear campaign" against ACJ on social media.
UMARO SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE), PR of Guinea-Bissau, usually maintains telephone contacts with ACJ, initiated on his own initiative. The referred "fake news" are considered as the result of the use of passages of conversations between both in which USE expresses the "pleasure" of receiving him in Bissau. A trip recently made by ACJ to Portugal would thus be extended to Bissau, according to the aforementioned extrapolation. READ MORE