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DR Congo: Repositioning of UN Mission Forces

UNSG, ANTÓNIO GUTERRES, will have to submit to the Security Council (UNSC), until SEP.2021, a plan to transfer to the DR Congo military forces security responsibilities currently exercised by the UN mission (MONUSCO), which will start a phased withdrawal process.
In the renewal of MONUSCO's mandate, consensus was reached regarding the role of the mission's offensive force - Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) - used in attacks against militias. South Africa, the main country that contributed troops to the force, overcame resistance in relation to the FIB's actions, on the part of the USA and the United Kingdom, which had been demanding changes to its mode of operation (AM 1271).
In order to overcome these resistances, a better definition of the role of force in the most recent renewal of MONUSCO's mandate was decisive, along with an assessment of the role of FIB in an independent report presented by Brazilian official CARLOS ALBERTO SANTOS CRUZ. READ MORE