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Mozambique: Partners Impatient at Nyusi´s Political Management of Cabo Delgado Conflict

The FADM continue to show an inability to control the activity of Islamic-inspired armed groups active in the province of Cabo Delgado, which have concentrated attacks in DEC., in the Mute region, Palma district, c. 20 Kms south of the site of the future natural gas complex, and in the Chai region, Macomia district.
The lack of responsiveness by FADM is also increasingly seen in the light of involvement in the conflict of organized crime from neighboring countries, some of which in the past have revealed the capacity to infiltrate and condition local and even national government structures.
Filipe Nyusi (FN) visited, on 18.DEC, the Metuge region (district headquarters) that has been under pressure from insurgent attacks in recent weeks.
Among the FADM, logistical disorganization continues, with difficulties in evacuating the injured and transporting bodies. The wounded, even in Mueda, a key village in the province, must be transported to Pemba by air.
In an intervention in parliament, FN sought to justify the inefficiency of the security and military forces in DC through the infiltration of Tanzanians in the country, since 2012, allegedly functioning as elements of radicalization and recruitment. In addition to Tanzanians, Congolese, Somali, Ugandans, and Kenyans, among others, were identified. READ MORE