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Angola: PR Security Cabinet Targets UNITA

UNITA has created an internal commission, headed by DEMÓSTENES CHILINGUTILA, whose mission is to prevent and/ or annul clandestine infiltration actions organized by a "task force" that, from the PR Security Cabinet, coordinates a campaign of discredit and usury against the current party leader, ADALBERTO da COSTA JUNIOR (ACJ).
The aforementioned campaign (participated by SINSE, GAPI and SISM, commonly known as Military Intelligence),adds to another campaign, in AUG.2019 (AM 1208), whose objective was to hinder/ prevent the election of ACJ for the presidency of UNITA. In the internal evaluations of the regime, the election of ACJ would tend to reinforce the role of UNITA as the main adversary of the MPLA.
The ongoing wear campaign against ACJ follows a methodology considered by experts to be "traced" to that used in operations of the same type against JONAS SAVIMBI (JS), with the only difference of privileging social networks. Namely: obscure his prestige through "messages" that undermine his personal and political reputation; foster distrust and internal dissension in order to isolate him.
The head of SINSE, FERNANDO MIALA (FM), has been asserting himself as one of the top officials of the regime that the PR consults most in his decision-making processes, including the appointment of political leaders, as he is the one whose knowledge/ sensitivity about multiple State matters is most valued (AM 1268).
JL intends to give FM a greater role, having probed his availability to take over the PR Security Cabinet (CSPR), replacing the Minister of State Gen. PEDRO SEBASTIÃO, one of the most trusted PR figures, but worn out by age - a fact that will tend to be highlighted in a municipal and presidential electoral campaign (2022) - and by the involvement in spurious use of funds in the scope of the response to the pandemic (AM 1241). READ MORE