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Mozambique: Afungi insecurity motivates head-to-head between Total and Nyusi

Total considers that the security guarantees for the further development of the project are not met, namely the conclusion of the preparatory work (infrastructure and housing) and that it is up to the Government to ensure them. This will be the central theme of the negotiations between the multinational and FN's executive, scheduled for Maputo.
Total's CEO, PATRICK POUYANNÉ, was in Maputo in OCT.2020, to discuss with FN the security situation in the province and the LNG hub in Palma, having signed a memorandum with the State with a view to strengthening security in zone. As a result of this agreement, which extends the reserved area, the Afungi complex will be protected by c. 1,000 elements, including military, police and some employees hired by Total. There is also an increase in maritime safety in the Pemba-Palma corridor. (AM 1269).
The Mozambican government's lack of political solutions to the conflict is another issue that Total's leadership wants to confront FN's executive with.
Given the lack of understanding with SADC countries about effective involvement in the country and the limited effectiveness of military interventions by the South African private military company DAG, sources in the sector do not see any possibility of containing the conflict in the short term without the government admitting failure and calling for international military support.
Political sources consider that it will be up to FN to convince FRELIMO to give in and ask for international aid, which may include sending French and American operatives to the field, possibly with a mandate from the United Nations. France has already expressed its intention to guarantee security in the Mozambique Channel, also extending its scope of action in the Indian Ocean, where it maintains sovereignty over several territories. The French external security intelligence service (DGSE) recently opened a delegation in Maputo. READ MORE