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Angola: Chivukuvuku Bypasses Constitutional Court

The non-legalization of PRA-JA is commonly seen as the result of political interference caused by factors including the exclusive competence that the constitution reserves to the PR to appoint the presidents of all higher courts. The MPLA and the regime see AC as a figure whose profile has features (charisma, popularity) that give him great acceptance in their own constituency, especially in the cities.
A possibility remains that the regime will use its recognized influences to make possible the legalization of PRA-JA - which could happen following a possible judicial acceptance of the last appeal presented by the party's installation commission.
The reappearance of AC in active politics, at the head of the new party, increases the threat already felt before by the regime with the election for the president of UNITA of ADALBERTO DA COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ), another very popular politician (AM 1260). READ MORE