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Guinea-Bissau: ECOMIB and UNIOGBIS Void Inspires Apprehension

The end of ECOMIB's mission and the closure of UNIOGBIS, which occurred at the same time, raised Guinea-Bissau's propensity towards risks of political instability, as well as the resurgence of drug trafficking with the implication of military and political leaders.
Verified information indicates that the decision of the UN Sanctions Committee to maintain the sanctions regime applied to Guinea-Bissau military personnel implicated in the 2012 coup d'état, was suggested by ROSINE SORI-COULIBAY, who as special representative of the UN SG headed UNIOGBIS until its closure. The purpose was to maintain pressure on them.
The ECOMIB withdrawal process was initiated by the intervention of the PR, UMARU SISSOCO EMBALÓ. While a final renewal of the term, in the meantime expired was under consideration (AM 1239), the immediate departure gained consistency in means close to the PR, in view of the performance of the elements of ECOMIB in the personal protection of PAIGC leaders already without State functions - including ARISTIDES GOMES (PM dismissed by USE) and DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA, before he left the country on FEB.2020 - considered abusive because it involved ECOMIB in domestic politics. READ MORE