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Mozambique: General Eugénio Mussa (Profile)

Maj-Gen (brigadier) EUGÉNIO MUSSA (EM), commander of the northern operational zone of the Mozambique Armed Forces (FADM), has been asserting himself as the strong man of the FADM in the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) counterinsurgency effort in Cabo Delgado, whose leadership has been exercised by the commander-general of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), BERNARDINO RAFAEL (BR). Both accompanied PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN) on their trip to Tanzania on 11.JAN, in yet another bilateral meeting on the situation in Cabo Delgado.
EM was appointed commander of the northern zone in MAR.2019, already at the peak of the conflict in Cabo Delgado, active since the summer of 2017. The appointment was also the responsibility of the former Minister of Defense, ATANÁSIO SALVADOR MTUMUKE (ASM), replaced by JAIME NETO in FN's second government.
EM is seen as the only high-ranking military capable of motivating soldiers deployed. His career is transversal to the military structure and allows him to have a complete knowledge of the Army. EM spent the beginning of his military career involved in combat operations against RENAMO (16-year war, 1976-1992). He was promoted to Maj-Gen of the Army in NOV.2011, passing through the Training Brigade and Commander of the Army Civic Service (recruitment). READ MORE