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Cabo Verde/ Guinea-Bissau: Sissoco and Fonseca Strengthen Ties

The visit to Guinea-Bissau of Cabo Verde PR, JORGE Carlos FONSECA (JCF), may finally have created conditions conducive to an effective development of relations between the two countries.
Cabo Verde sees economic and political interests approaching Guinea-Bissau on a bilateral scale, but also capable of projecting itself beneficially in its regional integration efforts, with which it wants to fill gaps in a relative decline in its relations with Europe. Guinea-Bissau also shows an appetite for an economic and political partnership with Cabo Verde - favored by common affinities, stemming from ancient historical ties.
Cabo Verde's external prestige, both international and regional, is also pointed out as an element capable of helping Guinea-Bissau's political stabilization - an objective considered indispensable for the rapprochement between the two countries. There are indications that JCF proposed to use his influences to promote a rapprochement between USE and ALPHA CONDÉ, PR of the Republic of Guinea, one of the regional leaders with whom USE has strained relations (AM 1182). READ MORE