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Angola: Government to Reacts to Corruption Embarrassments

The Government's initiative to promote a series of actions identified as intended to inculcate/ reinforce the idea that its anti-corruption policies remain active, was outlined and put into practice (PR/ MPLA coordination) under pressure due to internal evaluations, including from SINSE, according to which internal and external confidence in such policies have continued to fade.
There are indications that measures that are believed to be imminent will be articulated with this effort, including the beginning of the trial of a former governor of Cabinda, ALDINA DA LOMBA, also a senior MPLA leader, accused by the PGR of corruption and abuse of power in the exercise of the said position.
Among the factors that, on a larger scale, fuel the skepticism / distrust that the plans to combat corruption have been deserving internally and externally, the apparently selective character of the actions, which is supposed to be dictated by criteria such as preserving the unity of the MPLA and the regime and saving figures from the previous PR circle recovered by JL or others in relation to which it is considered convenient not to "harass" or do it covertly; among the first, MANUEL VICENTE (MV) and EDELTRUDES COSTA, p ex; HIGINO CARNEIRO, MH VIEIRA DIAS “KOPELIPA” and LEOPOLDINO do NASCIMENTO “DINO”, some of the others. READ MORE