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Equatorial Guinea: “Teodorin” Explores Gabriel Obiang Lima's Fragility

The shortage of fuels in some regions since NOV.2020 (AM 1275), including the capital Malabo where the supply remains rationed, has led TEODORO NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE “TEODORIN”, current first vice-PR, to summon those responsible for the oil company Total and the public company GE Petrol demanding normalization in distribution.
"Teodorin" denotes the intention to hold GOL responsible for the economic crisis in the country due to the drop in oil production and the abandonment of projects by several multinationals, a situation that tends to worsen with the global economic crisis. The removal of GOL from the government would tend to take him out of the succession scenario of PR TEODORO OBIANG (TO), father of both.
TO has allowed some discreet "cleanings" at the core of power, aligning with "Teodorin" and confirming the preference for the current vice-PR despite the international criminal problems he faces. READ MORE