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Guinea-Bissau: Nabiam Leaving Government

The coalition that supports the Government has been experiencing instability, due to disagreements between the different parties, especially the fact that MADEM-G15 feels “underrepresented” in the executive, but also due to the interventionism of the PR, UMARU SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE). Relations with MADEM-G15 have registered tensions, most recently due to the PRS initiative to propose the creation of a committee to monitor the parliamentary incidence agreement that supports the Government (AM 1274). At the base of these disagreements are also the positions of the two parties on the reform of the Armed Forces and the constitutional review. The figure of Gen. ANTÓNIO INDJAI (AI), former chief of staff of the Armed Forces, close to USE and PM NUNO GOMES NABIAM (NGN), also appears as a factor of division. A lobby has been formed in favor of the appointment of AI to replace Gen. BIAGUE NA NTAN (AM 1226), whose stance has limited the interventionist tendency of FA officers on political issues and the involvement of military personnel in drug trafficking, which reached its peak in the mandate of his predecessor, AI.
The PR has in mind to take advantage of the opportunity to appoint a new PM to present a new government that he intends to be “more comprehensive”, as he expressed in private. His idea is, in particular, to extend the composition of the executive to figures from the PAIGC. The party leadership, represented by DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA (DSP) is opposed to the entry of members of the party in the future government, but an internal opposition wing is in favor of such a scenario. READ MORE