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Mozambique: EU reluctant to send aid via ADIN

The recent mission to Maputo by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, AUGUSTO SANTOS SILVA (AS), is the subject of disapproving comments in local diplomatic circles, especially European ones, among which circulate information considered reliable about the “content” of the contacts, especially his meeting with PR, FILIPE NYUSI (FN).
According to the aforementioned information, AS assumed a “contemporizing” position of the “official vision” that FN presented to him on key aspects of the conflict in Cabo Delgado, thus wasting the opportunity to question him, further provided by developments in the subject (AM 1283) temporarily coinciding with the trip.
The main source of the perplexity generated by the information about the meeting between AS and FN was the “favorable reception” expressed by the envoy regarding the claim (desire) of the Mozambican authorities that humanitarian aid for internal refugees caused by the conflict (550,000), which the EU proposes to strengthen, be channeled through the Northern Integrated Development Agency (ADIN).
Several European countries aware of the internal situation in Mozambique, but also, the EU itself (including EP) share assessments that the ongoing insurgency in Cabo Delgado is primarily due to old and growing popular discontent (taken advantage of by insurgent groups), the causes of which must be eliminated in order for the problem to be resolved.
The activity of armed groups has been concentrated in recent weeks in the region of Mute, in the district of Palma, and in the neighboring district of Nangade. Access by land is forbidden due to lack of security and the only road that was passable towards Pemba, via Pundanhar, is now interrupted with the approach of the armed cells to the gas complex in Afungi.
Mozambican security forces have recently shown a greater commitment to controlling the entry of individuals from countries considered to be “exporters” of Islamic radicals. READ MORE