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Mozambique: SISE Flaws Highlighted

The incapacity shown by the State Information and Security Service (SISE) in the Cabo Delgado conflict is increasingly questioned by independent of civil society and opposition movements, which are often under surveillance. The shortcomings pointed out to SISE include the lack of information and of operationality since the beginning of the insurrection in the N of the country, inability to predict and disregard of warnings about the radicalization and growing discontent in the province, several years ago.
Instead, the focus has been on internal threats to FRELIMO, namely RENAMO, as well as financial engineering involving contracts such as those of the “hidden debts” through GREGÓRIO LEÃO and ANTÓNIO CARLOS DO ROSÁRIO. After the disappearance of AFONSO DHLAKAMA, president of RENAMO, and the removal of several of his collaborators by the current direction of OSSUFO MOMADE, the scrutiny about the movement has been decreasing.
The role of SISE is not generally questioned, as is the predominance of certain groups outside the service and linked to FRELIMO and former combatants, and the service continues to function outside any political oversight. READ MORE