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Mozambique: Total Maintains Mayotte 'Plan B´

The deterioration of security conditions at the end of DEC.2020 and beginning of JAN.2021 led Total to withdraw personnel from Afungi and Palma to Pemba and Maputo through a series of chartered flights for the purpose (AM 1281). On 18.JAN.2021, Total CEO PATRICK POUYANNÉ traveled to Maputo for a meeting with PR FILIPE NYUSI.
The main topic of the meeting, whose environment is reported to have been tense, was the government's inability to ensure protection of the security perimeter of the Afungi Peninsula (DUAT), which had already implied a significant increase in the number of Police special unit personnel and military of the Armed Forces of Defense of Mozambique (FADM) deployed to protect infrastructure and workers in LNG projects partially paid for by Total.
The eventuality that there is no significant improvement in safety conditions in Cabo Delgado keeps open the possibility of use of Mayotte as a "social base" for employees and families. This scenario would be especially critical for Mozambique's expectations in terms of attracting investors and subcontractors that could choose to settle in French territory, following Total's decision regarding the installation of personnel. Administrative benefits, particularly in terms of mobility, are substantially more advantageous in the French flag archipelago. READ MORE