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Angola: Miala in UNITA Leader Containment Efforts

The “Adalberto da Costa Junior dossier”, as it is known, is especially accompanied by a group constituted in SINSE that works articulated with PR“structures and, sometimes, also with the BP/ MPLA Secretariat. FERNANDO MIALA, the head of SINSE, is the liaison with the PR, almost always having JL as his interlocutor or listener to his briefings.
Among the measures evaluated as intended to generate an environment of intimidation and/ or political-psychosocial agitation, the following are pointed out:
- Events in Cafunfo: the exploration of the occurrence (AM 1286), including the arrest of the leader of the so-called Lunda-Tchokwe Protectorate Movement, JOSÉ MATEUS ZECAMUTCHIMA, was designed to frighten the general population, in particular the Tchokwe; protest against the regime (presented as rebellion) carries risks.
- Sentencing of King EKUIKUI V (EKV) of Bailundo, through a judicial process; “Warning message” to the ethno-linguistic group with which UNITA has special affinities; EKV, previously courted by the regime, had received ACJ in his “ombala” immediately before the opening of the judicial process on which the conviction was based.
- Exoneration of MARCOLINO MOCO (MM): his compulsory and unannounced departure from the position of non-executive director of Sonangol, announced in the wake of public positions taken by Sonangol condemning what he called “racist and xenophobic campaign” against ACJ, aimed to “warn” other MPLA staff. READ MORE