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Guinea-Bissau: Buhari and Saal “Rescue” Sissoco Before Possible Unrest

An environment of general discomfort has marked Guinean domestic politics in recent weeks. The phenomenon, pointed out in the inside as the cause of the “impasse” in which fell the intention of the PR, UMARU SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE) to promote the formation of a new Government (AM 1284), may lead to the dissolution of the National Assembly (ANP), in case the current “status quo” persists.
The climate of permanent political-military instability that Guinea-Bissau is going through (AM 1286), led USE to ask Senegal and Nigeria for support capable of helping to decompress the environment and, therefore, to prevent a possible upheaval.
The posture of CEMGFA (AM 1226) has limited the interventionist tendency of FA officials in political issues and the involvement of military personnel in drug trafficking, which reached its peak in the mandate of its predecessor, ANTÓNIO INDJAI (AI). READ MORE