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Cape Verde: Internal conflicts return to PAICV

PM ULISSES CORREIA e SILVA (UCS) was criticized in MpD circles, and in others supportive of the party, for the strategy followed for the 25.OCT municipal elections, which resulted in a significant reinforcement of PAICV and its leader, JANIRA HOPFER ALMADA ( JHA). Although the MpD maintained the largest number of municipalities in the country, it had significant losses.
The composition of the PAICV lists for the parliamentary elections again opened gaps between the JHA leadership and internal opposition.
FELISBERTO VIEIRA (“Filú”), former mayor of Praia and former minister of Social Development and Family in one of the governments of JOSÉ MARIA NEVES (JMN), has again publicly criticized the PAICV leadership and the Regional Political Commission of São Vicente (CPRSV) also demarcated itself from the local list for proposed by national bodies to the upcoming elections. Among the critics are also JÚLIO CORREIA and JOSÉ SANCHES.
JHA is trailing UCS for the position of PM in polls commissioned by political parties, which in general give an advantage to the MpD. One survey, according to party sources, gives PAICV victory only in Boa Vista, losing the remaining circles, in the country and in the diaspora, to the MpD. READ MORE