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Mozambique: Persistent Conflict Enabling Security Companies

With the persistence of the conflict in Cabo Delgado and the approach of armed cells to the DUAT region (Afungi, Palma), where the natural gas hub of Areas 1 and 4 will be located, interests have been emerging in the sense of transfering part of the operation to the French archipelago of Mayotte, namely the “social base” and the logistics operation, with a view to minimizing security risks (AM 1286).
In the security sector, the “privatization” of the counter-insurgency with the use of services from private military companies is another factor closely monitored by the natural gas actors, in view of the scenario of dragging of the conflict, impacting the interests of companies and business.
Despite the “blackout” imposed on the province and the theater of operations, in an attempt to convey an image of gradual normalization of the situation, the attacks of the jihadists continue. READ MORE