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Angola: Miala Displeased with Protagonism in Regime Defense

The role that in the inside of Angolan politics is conferred to FERNANDO MIALA (FM), in particular identifying him as one of the figures of the regime with the most influence over the PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL), has become bothersome to FM, due to what was his desire to “stay safe” when in 2018 he was rehabilitated and took over as head of SINSE.
For FM's desire to “keep shelter”, above all in the exercise of its capacity as head of SINSE, contributed predictions that Angolan politics would tend to acquire a certain normality with the arrival of JL to power. Measures taken by FM are associated with these forecasts, such as a reorganization of SINSE in order to bring it closer to the operating standards typical of a classic Intelligence service.
The growing instability that internal politics has been undergoing (AM 1290), however, would return SINSE to the former role of “watchman and guardian” of the regime, with the respective burden falling on FM. The instability stems from factors such as the economic and financial crisis in which the country finds itself, from with negative consequences on the social area, the challenge to JL and his policies, the affirmation of the opposition and the emergence of divisions in the regime. READ MORE