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Mozambique: Palma Hit by Insurgents

Under pressure, since the beginning of JAN., of the Islamic-inspired armed cells active in Cabo Delgado, the district of Palma was the target of an attack on 24.MAR - coinciding with an announcement by Total of the resumption of construction on the natural gas complex (LNG) in the area. Works have been interrupted since JAN. following an insurgent attack near the site.
Road access to Pemba is blocked, including the connection via Pundanhar, the only one that has been passable. The Mute region, Palma district, and the neighboring district of Nangade have been constant targets of insurgent attacks in recent weeks.
Recent insurgent movements indicated a possible offensive on the village, with constant sightings of armed men in the area, isolated and without regular supply, including food, for c. 1 month. Palma is one of the most sensitive districts due to its proximity to natural gas projects, on the Afungi peninsula. According to preliminary informatioñ, the evacuation of Afungi was taking place at the beginning of the night. READ MORE