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Angola: Isabel dos Santos Charges Against Lourenço

The seizure of assets of ISABEL dos SANTOS, SINDIKA DOKOLO (husband, deceased) and MÁRIO LEITE SILVA (trusted manager, of Portuguese nationality) in Angola, whose judicial process presents several weaknesses (AM 1230), created conditions for the fulfillment of goals of the political and military elite congregated around PR JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL).
The judicial process allowed for taking control of IS´ main companies in Angola - Unitel and BFA. The seizure of holdings coincided with the end of the term of office of BFA's management, which was quickly replaced, with the removal of people close to IS (AM 1232), as happened in Unitel.
The lawsuit filed at the High Court in London by IS may, according to Angolan judicial means, prove to be particularly embarrassing for the PR, identified in the respective process as the main responsible for a “conspiracy” on the basis of which she was “illegally stripped”, by means of legal seizures, of assets in the country and abroad.
The “predetermined” conspiracy that IS associates with the plans that expropriated her from those assets, is supported by alleged evidence of fake evidence intentionally forged for this purpose. The role of principal responsible for the referred conspiracy attributed to JL stems from what IS considers to have been his predominant action in conceiving and putting forward the plans to persecute and compromise her. READ MORE