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Cape Verde: Cycle of Absolute Majorities Coming to an End

In the current crisis situation, the dominance of the main institutions (Government, Presidency, Municipalities) by the MpD has become an obstacle, making the party responsible for the situation. PM ULISSES CORREIA e SILVA (UCS) was criticized in MpD circles, and in others close to the party, for the strategy followed for the 25.OCT municipal elections, which resulted in a significant reinforcement of PAICV and its leader, JANIRA HOPFER ALMADA (JHA). Although the MpD kept the largest number of municipalities in the country, it had significant losses.
In the MpD there is still hope that the party will achieve an absolute majority; taking into account a survey of c. two weeks ago, which presented a reinforcement of its advantage in relation to PAICV, especially in Praia.
UCID is the party that has the most solid growth trends, especially on the island of S. Vicente, where in the last municipal elections it was the second most voted force, ahead of PAICV. It is anticipated that its future parliamentary representation may reach 5 MPs, instead of the current 2. The inclusion in its lists of a lawyer, AMADEU OLIVEIRA, to whom a recent episode, generating relevant expressions of solidarity towards him, conferred great popularity in the country, is pointed out as one of the factors for the expected growth of UCID. READ MORE