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Angola: Campaign Against UNITA Leader Hits Lourenço

The public perception that the regime has been promoting a campaign of discredit against the leader of UNITA, ADALBERTO da COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ), is favoring him, in terms of adding to his popularity, and harming the PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL).
The collective feeling that presents JL as "committed" to the campaign is fueled by the idea that it is the PR structures (GAPI, above all) or others, such as SINSE, placed in its dependence, that have played an active role in it.
The episode of the so-called "peace luncheon", 02.APR, contributed to reinforce the idea of ​​JL's involvement in the campaign against ACJ.
JL often says, when in private he comments on points of view according to which the existence of understandings between MPLA and UNITA are decisive for the stability of the country, that it has always been his will to maintain a dialogue with ACJ (to whom he refers coldly) but that he gave up due to what he calls the "hostile attitude" in his opponent´s systematic behavior. READ MORE