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Angola: FAA More Partisan, Less Operational

The staff renewal process underway in the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) has been giving rise to a strengthening of the institution's partisanship (by the MPLA), as well as to a breakdown of its former operational capacity.
In its initial phase, even with the former chief of staff (CEMGFA), Gen SACHIPENGO NUNDA, the renewal process was carried out in order to maintain a balance between the generations of old and new officers in the ranks. With the current CEMGFA, Gen EGÍDIO DOS SANTOS "DISCIPLINA", the process took on new directions.
The current CEMGFA, considered very close to the PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO, has no military training nor is he considered a competent military chief. He belongs to the group of political commissioners - a specialty inspired by the organic model of the army of the former USSR, whose function was to propagate patriotic values ​​and watch over the "ideological purity"of the ranks. READ MORE