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Mozambique: Nyusi Rejects Technical Findings of Military Staff in Cabo Delgado

The Commanders of the Armed Forces of Defense of Mozambique (FADM) at Teatro Operacional Norte (TON), corresponding to Cabo Delgado, presented technical-military findings to FN shortly after Palma's recovery. In their report, it is emphasized that there is no internal capacity to prevent Palma from being attacked again by armed Islamic-inspired cells, taking into account their means of infiltrating the community. Many of the insurgents are native to the region and the FDS have no control over the situation.
Military leaders maintain that, despite the capacity in terms of men trained to fight, the main problem of the FADM is the lack of information on the ground that would allow them to identify insurgents among the civilian population, claiming that they do not have human resources and military surveillance equipment. READ MORE