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Angola: Sissoco’s support to Unita Worries Regime

The recent trip by ADALBERTO da COSTA JUNIOR (ACJ) to Bissau is being the object of special attention by SINSE, in the person of the “monitoring group” set up within it with the purpose of supervising and controlling the activity of UNITA, including its internal life, but in particular the steps of the party president.
UNITA's day-to-day activity has been barely affected by these barriers. Its main source of funding, the product of contributions from its militants, has not been touched. SINSE suspects, however, that UNITA is also counting on “contributions” from well-heeled individuals, connoted with the regime, but unhappy with the current PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL).
Angola's policy of support for DSP followed by JL, is considered to be the remote origin of the environment of malaise created between both presidents. The meeting granted by JL to DSP, usually followed by statements to the press, hostile to USE, are considered by him as "manifestations of interference in Guinea-Bissau affairs". READ MORE