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Cape Verde: After PJ, New Organic for National Police

With the new criminal investigation legislation, the division of competences between criminal police bodies started to be made by criminal areas or phenomena, with the PJ being reserved for investigating crimes with a transnational connection, and the Public Prosecutor being responsible for qualifying the facts. The PJ also reinforces competencies in terms of centralizing criminal information and exclusivity in the management and centralization of cooperation with international police cooperation bodies (INTERPOL, others).
Considered outdated of the current realities of police activity, more than 13 years since the creation of the National Police (PN), the respective organic law has undergone a substantial revision over the last few months, concluded in APR.2021 at the legislative level. Since the previous organic law, structures such as the Strategic Police Action Office, the Academy of Homeland Security and the Central Directorate for Criminal Investigation had been created. READ MORE