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Angola: Lourenço's Conduct in Relation to Santos Censored by African Leaders

The conduct followed by JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) in relation to his predecessor in office, JOSÉ EDUARDO dos SANTOS (JES), described as “improper”, has given rise to disapproving repairs on the part of other African heads of state, who for that reason see the current PR of Angola with less appreciation.
JL's recent initiative to appease JES (AM 1292) was also determined by the desirability of blurring the reason for the “lesser consideration” that other heads of state have for him - a phenomenon he is aware of.
JES 'non-correspondence to the initiative, also determined by JL's convenience of creating a favorable environment for a rapprochement with individuals and circles of the regime connected to the former PR, is attributed to feelings of self-pride stemming from gestures and solidarity and comfort that he has been given.
SASSOU NGUESSO (SN) from the Republic of Congo is pointed as one of the heads of state most unhappy with JES´ '“ill treatment”. READ MORE